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PostSubject: Application   Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:52 am

Why do you want to join us? i grief on my own and it's getting boring, i would like to have a team to grief with

What are your skills?i am an all-rounder, but i am especially good at robbing chests

How old are you?13

What do you rate your griefing skills? 1-10? 7 1/2

How long have you had minecraft? since alpha

Send a picture of your griefs! Sorry i dont have any

Do NOT provide your IGN. This keeps you anonymous to anyone viewing this forum not on the team.

Are you annoying? Don't be annoying unless we are trolling admins. i can be, but only to admins who are annoying Razz
When trolling troll creatively. i Don't just go in and say, "TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO" or "Can i have op?"

Why should we pick you?because i am a dedicated griefer and am quite good at talking my way out of tricky situations

Anything else to help us decide! I am a good team worker
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~Yee the admin.

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:33 pm

alright pm me your skype name
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