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 I'm 17 and got Skype

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PostSubject: I'm 17 and got Skype   Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:11 pm

Why do you want to join us? Lately I've been bored playing minecraft there's hardly anything to do other than watching vids of minecraft griefings on youtube. Id love to chat with you guys on Skype and have a good time!

What are your skills? Building, Griefing, I can chat on skype! I even have hacking/griefing clients installed!

How old are you? 17

What do you rate your griefing skills? 1-10? This rating scale is too small! lol!

How long have you had minecraft? Since 1.2.5

Send a picture of your griefs! I dont have any pictures yet. But if you really want some ill make some, a video even, i have youtube!

Are you annoying? Are you really asking this to me? affraid I hope this message is towards little kids, it probably is, there way too annoying no matter how much they say their mature lol

Do you troll creatively? Obviously

Why should we pick you? Cause I love doing what i do whether it be playing PS3 or chilling with friends i just want to have an awesome time

Anything else to help us decide! Uhh..I'm a gamer, I'm from NY, I play Black Ops 1 and 2 on PS3, I'm Mature, I got Skype, i got a great sense of humor, and i got loads of free time.

If you want to contact me please send me a email... my email is MistahAnil@gmailcom
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I'm 17 and got Skype
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